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Wellness in Disentis Sedrun, Switzerland

Enjoy the complete spa experience in Disentis Sedrun. As well as Bogn Sedrun, numerous hotels also offer guests the use of their spa facilities. During the summer months, visitors can also take an invigorating dip in one of the region's beautiful bathing lakes. And if you are interested in trying a new kind of refreshing experience, why not go gold panning in the young Rhine!

Bogn Sedrun

Bogn Sedrun promises an invigorating and relaxing experience all year round. Be sure to make full use of the pools with their natural stone and fresh mountain water. Whether you prefer the adventure pool or the Roman baths, a relaxing time is guaranteed here at the source of the Rhine.

Bogn Sedrun


Take a splash in cool waters! Cool off and relax in the “Lag da  Claus” in Sedrun or the natural lake Fontanivas in Disentis. Forget your everyday worries as you sunbathe in an idyllic location,  surrounded by a picturesque mountain backdrop.

Lakes in Disentis Sedrun

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