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Whether you're hiking, cycling, playing golf or enjoying a relaxing train journey, the Rhine remains your constant companion in the holiday region Disentis Sedrun. As a result, you'll find more water-related activities here than in almost any other location. Disentis Sedrun – the source of many adventures!

The source of the Rhine

The Tomasee lake (Romansh "Lai da Tuma") is situated in a nature reserve at the foot of Piz Badus. At 2,344 m above sea level, it is the highest point in the Surselva region. From its source, the Rhine flows over boulders and between limestone rocks through the Surselva region, passing the bizarre eroded landscape of the Rhine Gorge, also known as the "Swiss Grand Canyon", before joining up with the Hinterrhein (Posterior Rhine) in Reichenau. It then continues in the direction of Lake Constance, Basel, across Germany and the Netherlands until it reaches Rotterdam as a mighty European river and flows into the North Sea. Around 50 million people live in the catchment area of this 1,231 km stretch of the Rhine. High time to discover this source of life for yourself.

Hiking to the source of the Rhine

Walking along the Rhine

It goes without saying that there are countless walks downstream from the source as well as walks up to the source. We have compiled a list of the most beautiful walks for all levels. Certain routes such as the "Quellrheinweg" (Rhine Source trail), the "4-Quellen-Wanderung" (Four Sources walk) and the popular "Senda Sursilvana" can also be booked as part of a package with accommodation and, in some cases, luggage transport. Slip on your hiking boots and off you go.

A walking tip at the source of the Rhine

Four Sources walk

Golf along the Rhine

Located between the source of the Rhine and the Rhine Gorge, Disentis Sedrun is also a golfing heaven. Sedrun is home to a 9-hole Alpine golf course. At the 9th hole, you can even hit a drive over the Rhine. The two other golf courses located along the Rhine – in Brigels and Sagogn – are just 40 minutes away by car. To make your golfing experience complete, you will find two more courses (Andermatt and Realp) on the other side of the Oberalp Pass. What better reason to extend your stay and play all the holes! We recommend the graubündenGOLF Card which includes 3x18-hole green fees. 

More information on the golf course

Railway journey along the Rhine

The slowest express train in the world encourages you to enjoy a slower pace of life, quite literally. This said, there is no time for boredom to set in on the trip from glamorous St. Moritz to Zermatt. The route takes you across Alpine passes, wildly romantic gorges and countless valleys, providing plenty of opportunity for you to fall in love with the landscape. And as we all know, the way to a person's heart is through the stomach, you can expect a freshly prepared 3-course meal served directly to your seat in the panoramic coach. Don't miss this and many other fabulous railway adventures.

Railway journey along the Rhine

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