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Skiing & snowboarding

Endless blue sky above a carpet of white snow. Welcome to winter in Disentis Sedrun. This Swiss holiday region is an insider tip for snowboarders and freeriders alike. Wide carving pistes invite skiers to take to the slopes, while snowboarders can board to their hearts' content at the half pipe and fun park in Sedrun.  Both ski areas are home to cosy mountain restaurants and are well-suited to families. We also have plenty to offer for beginners. Valtgeva in Sedrun and the beginner ski area in Sax provide gentle, clearly marked slopes. Just what beginners need when they first take to the snow. Why not plan a ski tour? Our local mountain guides will be happy to provide you with more information on day trips, weekend trips and individual offers.

Ski areas

The holiday region comprises the two ski areas of Disentis and Sedrun. In total, around 200 kilometres of pistes are waiting to be explored. Disentis offers endless possibilities for freeriders and ski tourers, while Sedrun-Andermatt has something for all snow sports enthusiasts. Thanks to a joint ski pass, the SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun offer fantastic skiing on immaculately groomed pistes, which range from gentle beginner slopes to challenging downhill runs.

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Disentis is one of the most attractive freeride areas in Switzerland and yet it is a hidden gem. As a result, you can be the first to leave your tracks in the snow, even after heavy snowfall. Thanks to the altitude and proximity of this freeride area to the northern Alps, it is blessed by abundant snowfall and thus enjoys a long season. The terrain is extremely varied and offers plenty of choice for less experienced freeriders as well as freeride pros.

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Ski tours

If you would prefer to hike up on skins or snowshoes before embarking on the descent through the snowy winter wonderland, you need look no further than the adventure-packed ski tours on offer in the holiday region of Disentis-Sedrun. These tours allow you to experience the region at its most natural and breathtaking, far away from the ski lift pylons and groomed pistes. Local mountain guides will be delighted to accompany you on the most beautiful ski tours in the area while ensuring that you remain safe throughout your tour.

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zai ski

In 2003, Simon Jacomet founded zai with the aim of producing a ski that makes no compromises in terms of quality, material or performance. The result has redefined the boundaries of the modern ski design.

zai ski

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