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As soon as you venture into the deep snow, you enter into unsafe, unmarked and unsupervised terrain. Enjoy the freedom, breathe in the fresh air, but don't forget: You are solely responsible for yourself and your actions. Your conduct also affects your companions, other skiers/snowboarders and the natural world around you.

The deep powder slopes in Disentis 3000 and the entire off-piste area is not marked or supervised, nor is it protected against Alpine dangers.

Safety tips and useful information for freeriders

  • Do not leave the marked pistes without the necessary safety equipment (avalanche transceiver, shovel, ABS balloon, probe).
  • This equipment can be hired, tested and purchased at the Caischavedra sports shop.
  • Check the avalanche bulletin. It is updated and published on a daily basis:

- Base station S. Catrina 1,225 m
- Mountain station Caischavedra 1,860 m
- Mountain restaurant Lai Alv 2,505 m

  • Choose a defensive tactic: Ensuring adequate spacing (min. 20 m) or safe distances (min. 50 m or only 1 person per slope/area) puts considerably less pressure on the surface of the snow and makes a big difference to rescue efforts in the event of an avalanche.

  • Note: the brain is the strongest and most important muscle when freeriding.
  • Follow the instructions of the piste and rescue service and the safety tips at

Permanent training ground for avalanche rescue

Practice what to do in a realistic avalanche rescue situation! Disentis Cableways has installed a permanent search field next to Bar Nevada. Here you can practice using avalanche transceivers and probes on a training ground and have your probe hits displayed.

  • Use of the training ground is free of charge.
  • Avalanche transceivers are available in the sports shops (deposit required).

An avalanche transceiver training course is held several times per season and is an essential safety measure for any freerider!

Respect nature

Help us to preserve the wonderful Alpine landscape of Disentis 3000:

  • Leave your surroundings as you find them. Do not leave anything behind.

  • Travel with a full car load or use public transport. Use the free local bus in Disentis.

  • Avoid forest and wildlife areas and keep your distance from wild animals.

  • Do not drop litter. There are rubbish bins at all lift stations.

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