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A season - a competition!

The first permanent Ski Runnning section with fixed and
non-contact measurement of time.

Pronounced competitively  your own time for every improve your own time for each run and comparing with friends. The permanent section get over 697 meters of altitude at a distance
of 5 km.

So easy is Ski Running on the Salomon Ski Running section

  1. Register at the Valley Station and pick up the Thumb-ID for non-contact measurement of time.
  2. Walking on your own speed from S. Catrina till Gendusas and register the intermediate times to the non-contact measurement of time.
  3. Return the Thumb-ID in Bar Nevada, at the same time your walking time will be printed and the season ranking on will be updated.

For the hard-workers and fastest runners it will have at the end of the season an attractive present, sponsored by Salomon. With a valid skiticket is the using free (CHF 10.00 depot) and it is on your own risk. The register and return from the Thumb-ID is only possible on the operating times.

Card Ski Running section

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Watch Out! Use at your own risk!

The use is free of charge and on the own risk. The Salomon Ski Running section is on the open ski resort. The section will not be controlling all the time by the ambulance service and will not be prepare all the time. The mountain railways Disentis 3000 and all they partners are not responsible for the condition of the section. An appropriate equipment incl. LVS, shovel and sonde are obligated. The section should never be visiting on your own. When we have fresh snow, also when we have a dangerous situation of avalanche the Salomon Ski running section will be closed. The information on the beginning of the section and on the internet are very important, you have to follow the instructions.
Because of the wild quiet zone is the leaving of the Ski running section in the forest banned!

The Salomon Ski Running section leads largely up and requires a good condition. The condition is on an alpine altitude between 1300 and 2200 m.o.s. In the alpine altitude we have a big and fast change of weather. The actually avalanche situation and alpine altitude for the equipment and clothing has to be considered.

The using of the section incl. the timekeeping is possible all day until 8 p.m. After that, the runway Val d’Uors (Gendusas-Caischavedra) and the valley will be closed and prepared by the grooming machines with winch. There is a life danger!!

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