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Holiday Destination Sedrun

Even if you are not a ski or snowboarding fan, you can still enjoy our winter landscape taking a scenic walk or on a snowshoe tour. A tip for families: Hike from Tschamut to Milez, the mountain station of the Sedrun ski area. Enjoy a snack at Milez restaurant and take the sled down to Dieni.

Near the pass road at Tschamutt, you will see a small igloo village from January on. Feel free to build up the ice-block stacks, stay overnight in Eskimo-style, or simply stop by to take a curious look. Rest assured that you will encounter peace and relaxation throughout Sedrun off the wintry mountains, for instance in "BognSedrun", our experience spa.


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Location / Facts Sedrun

Population 1'973
Meters above sea level 1'406
Access via Car, Bus, Train
Number of hotels 10
Access to supermarket yes
Language German, Romanish
Access to ski regions yes

Sedrun Disentis Tourismus
Via Alpsu 64A
CH-7188 Sedrun, Switzerland

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Sedrun Disentis Tourismus