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Whether you want to improve your stamina or simply glide effortlessly through the winter wonderland along the Rhine, the holiday region of Disentis Sedrun boasts 50 km of perfectly groomed cross-country ski trails. 

Overview of cross-country ski trails

In Sedrun, cross-country skiing fanatics can look forward to an 15 km cross-country ski trail which runs below the villages from Dieni to Sedrun.

The 35-km "Cadi" trail (incl. loop) runs along the upper Rhine from Disentis to Trun and takes in some breathtaking scenery. You can also return free of charge by train with your  swiss cross-country ski pass between Trun - Disentis and also between Disentis - Sedrun. For further information, please go to

  Altitude (m a s l.) Free skate and classic (km) night-time trail (km)  
Disentis - Sumvitg /
Surrein - Trun
860 - 1'150 35.0 5.6 (in Trun)  
Sedrun 1'340 - 1'420 15.0 2  

Night-time cross-country ski trails in Sedrun and Trun

Trun is home to one of Switzerland's longest cross-country ski trails. Lit by 18 floodlights, this 5.6 km trail is on a gentle slope and is open from Monday to Saturday (6 - 9 p.m). 

You can also while away your evenings enjoying your favourite sport in Sedrun. Sedrun's 2 km night-time cross-country ski trail between Ara and Giu Mila below Rueras is lit from 6 - 9 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Cross-country ski pass

You will need a regional cross-country ski pass to use our cross-country ski trails. Passes are available from the information desks in Sedrun and Disentis.

Day pass CHF 10.00

Week pass CHF 40.00

Local Season pass CHF 120.00

Cross-country ski pass Switzerland CHF 140.00

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