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Nordic walking

Nordic walking is more than just walking with ski poles. It has been used as a summer training method for cross country skiers for the last 30 years and has since morphed into a popular new sport that features a technique born out of scientific research.

What is Nordic walking?

    • A gentle form of sport that does not put pressure on the ankles or knees
    • Full-body training as it involves 90% of all muscle groups
    • 40-50% more effective than walking without poles
    • Allows for movement in the prime fat burning zone
    • Improves aerobic stamina (heart, circulation), strength (arms, legs, stomach, back), flexibility (shoulders, hips) and coordination (arms, legs)
    • Helps with walking, even on rough terrain and where there is a risk of slipping
    • Positive effect on tension, ageing, stress, immune system, weight control, cardiovascular circulation
    • Ideal sport for any age group

      Nordic walking /
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      • Private coaching for Nordic walking / running
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      • Full moon Nordic walking

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