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Searching for crystals

Every Wednesday

from 4 July to 26 August 2016
and from 3 - 21 October 2016


Father Placidus a Spescha was the first known person to have searched for crystals and minerals in the Disentis mountains. His knowledge has been passed on through the generations. We've all dreamt about finding a mountain crystal! Of course, you won't find these beautiful gems just lying around, but with the help of an expert guide and the knowledge imparted by Placidus a Spescha, it is possible to discover fragments of crystal and other unusual stones. Our guides and Placidus a Spescha will introduce you to the art of crystal "hunting".


Adults / Young adults 36.-
Children 6 up to 11 years 27.-
Children up to 5 years 12.-

The price includes: Cable car (return) and chair lift (one-way), tools, guide


Register by 5 p.m. on Tuesday at Tourist information office Disentis, tel. 081 920 40 30.

Sedrun Disentis Tourismus