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Hotels in Disentis Sedrun: a great night's sleep in the Swiss Alps

The holiday region at the source of the Rhine is home to all types of hotels with a range of different facilities. But they all have one thing in common: the true hospitality of the Swiss mountain region. As not everyone is looking for the same level of accommodation, Disentis Sedrun offers a vast array of accommodation options.

Our sportier guests will feel right at home in the sports hotels. From a secure bike room to a special sports breakfast, our hosts have something to meet every need. Whether you fancy a stay in a golfing, hiking or biking hotel, all offer the kind of personalised service that you're looking for while on holiday. Those of you who prefer a cosy and traditional atmosphere will no doubt feel relaxed and at home in some of the more traditional hotels. It goes without saying that families are also well catered for. The family hotels have a number of surprises in store for their "younger clientèle" which means that there is always something new to discover on your holiday in the Swiss mountains. Come and see for yourself.


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