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medelina, Curaglia

The medelina in the Val Medel opens its doors on 28 January 2017. It is a place for relaxed arrival and enjoyable activity.A personal and charming atmosphere awaits you with a contagious liveliness. Inside, the medelina is cozy, warm and bright. Designed with lots of solid wood in all variations. 15 hotel rooms are available, each dedicated to a different local craft, a cultural characteristic or a theme of Val Medel. The restaurant "marenda" and the "caffè" with view to the valley, the educational and cultural area "arcun" as well as the library "egliada". On our plates come products from the region - to all we know their story to tell. From the medelina you will discover the nature and culture of the Val Medel: In summer and winter the summits climb up, the valleys wander, with or without gossip, romance books and sing old sursilvan songs or even learn a new craft ... With the medelina and our varied possibilities and offers we offer you unforgettable discoveries in Val Medel! We are looking forward to your visit.

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Sur Vitg 100
7184 Curaglia, CH

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