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The Gotthard Realp golf course is set in a beautiful upland valley – formed and shaped by ice and weather.  It is a golf course that blends in with the natural lie of the land and offers an exciting and challenging game. 

The golf course is open to any golfer who holds at least an official permit to play and is a member of an organisation recognised by the ASG (Swiss Golf Association, ASGI or ASG-GolfCard). Foreign guests are also warmly welcome.  The 9-hole course is played at par 33 and consists of one par-5 (hole 6), four par-4 holes (1, 3, 4 and 8) and four par-3 holes (2, 5, 7 and 9). We recommend using a lightweight bag or electric buggy for your round. 

Golf course

Number of holes 9
Par 66
Length/Altitude 4154 m / 1440 m
Remarks alpine golf couese
Season June - October
Who's allowed on the course? Players with an official handicap

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Wochentag CHF 80.00 CHF 80.00
Wochenende CHF 90.00 CHF 90.00
Obige Preise verstehen sich als Tagesgreenfee. (9-Loch Runde zwischen CHF 50.- und CHF 60.-)    

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Golfclub Gotthard Realp
Wittenwasserstrasse 1
6491 Realp, Uri,

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