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Gallaria Alpina – tunnel under the Alps

Construction work on the Gotthard Base tunnel – Switzerland’s structure of the century and the longest railway tunnel in the world – was completed in Sedrun in October 2014. The new Gotthard Base tunnel will be officially opened in June 2016. The tunnel is the biggest structure in the history of Swiss transport and is set to begin operation at the end of 2016.

You can get to grips with the sheer scale of the tunnel in the Gallaria Alpina information centre. Caverns were excavated deep beneath the village of Sedrun in order to facilitate this feat of railway engineering.

With the help of various films and around a dozen larger exhibits, the information centre offers an insight into the tremendous challenges faced during construction. It also reveals other facets of this major construction site beneath the Alps, including the environmental situation and local agricultural, sociological and historical aspects.

We offer guided tours for groups. People involved in the front line throughout the construction period of the NRLA (New Railway Link through the Alps) in Sedrun provide a first-hand account of events.

Guided tour of the information centre (2 hours)
10-25 people, costs: CHF 10 per adult, CHF 5 per child/youth
Tour of the information centre with explanations and exclusive accounts from the construction period.

For enquiries, please write an email on or call us on +41 (0)81 920 39 20 or +41 (0)79 438 81 79.

Tour of the information centre, taking in ventilation systems, landfills, logistics and dismantling work (3 hours)

10-25 people, costs: CHF 30 per adult, CHF 10 per child/youth
Experience it for yourself! After visiting the information centre, hop on board the minibus and travel to the entrance of the inclined shaft behind Alp Tgom. We will explain the tunnel system, reveal the changes to the landscape and explain the structure you see before you.

For enquiries, please write an email on or call us on +41 (0)81 920 39 20 or +41 (0)79 438 81 79.

Please note: Further railway installation work is currently being carried out in the Sedrun section of the tunnel. The first test runs through the Gotthard Base Tunnel will begin in October 2015. This test phase will continue until the end of May 2016. Underground visits (access tunnel, shaft head cavern, etc.) are therefore not possible. We will let you know as soon as the area is open for guided tours.

If you would like more information, please contact us on:, +41 81 920 40 30, +41 79 438 81 79

Gallaria Alpina

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